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Tedx Phnom Penh

Other talks

Speaker at the 2013 Walden University Residency as winner of the Harold L. Hodgkinson Award. Miami, Florida.

Speaker at the 2011 National Conference on Women in Cambodia. “Strengthening Economic Livelihood Opportunities for Low-Income and HIV Positive Women” (SECLO) Project. Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Member of the 2010 American Public Health Association (APHA) Research Delegation to Cuba.

Bisits Bullen, P. & Cox., J. (2010). Designing workplace health promotion for a global workforce: A case study of one multinational company operating in 25 countries. Presentation at the annual conference of the International Union for Health Promotion & Education (IUHPE). Geneva, Switzerland.

Participant in the 2008 World Health Organization and World Economic Forum joint working group on “Employee Health as a Strategic Priority in India”. New Delhi, India.


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